New Pages Available: NASA Apps for the Public and News Feed Links, Fact Sheets

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I have created a number of pages available that will provide you with additional information, links to news feeds, and iPad and Android Apps by NASA for a variety of missions and news.

The new pages (all pages are available when you click the three bars on the upper right hand side of the page) that have been added are:

• Mobile Apps – Connect and Collaborate With NASA Projects

A comprehensive list of both NASA’s main or featured Apps available for mobile users. Along with the featured apps, NASA also has numerous apps for everything from other facilities to current space exploration projects, live views of the Sun, ISS and Mars rover.

NASA RSS Feeds (Links)

Here this page provides the news feed (RSS) links to many of NASA’s missions, centers, science and technology, general and topical feeds. You will need to copy the links into your News or an RSS App or computer programs (Microsoft Exchange suppports RSS feeds within the mail program, for example).

NASA  Fact Sheets – NASA Centers

Each NASA center creates and updates Fact Sheets covering its mission, facilities and projects. Click on a center’s name to go its Fact Sheet index. Click on the links to veiw any fact sheet you wish to know about.

• News Feeds/Links to Other Cosmology News Sources

This page is the main page for all the RSS and XML feeds that other websites provide, such as As we find more sites providing news stories related to Cosmology and Space Exploration, I will add it here.

As I gather more links together, I will update this message (which will stick to the top for at least seven days every time it changes) with the new links. For example, I am working on a Fact Sheet page that will provide links to every mission NASA has performed. It will at least have current missions, however, I am also going to add all missions going back to the beginning of the US space program.