Cosmology & Space is a blog and research website that strives to bring news from various sources, including original reporting, press releases, and links to news stories on other sites.

As a long-time amateur astronomer and cosmologist, I know that finding the news you are looking for can be difficult, as there are many places publishing news and theories. And as new disciplines of study comes out of research, many theories overlap, or are even contradictory when looking at the same data.

This happens a lot when both astronomers and physicists, and even among physicists who study that large and the small can’t agree on what the data represents. And each side may not be wrong in their conclusions as the same laws that govern the the planets, stars, and matter on the large scale does not apply to atoms, quarks, neutrinos and the physics of the small.  This is why today we still do not have a theory of everything.

For my love of astronomy, cosmology, physics and space exploration, I offer this blog as a place where I can gather news from all over and present it here in one place.

If anyone spots news that belongs here, please send me an email in the “Contact Us” form or a message with your link (I think reblogging does that, not sure).

Right now, I am filtering NASA, JPL and recently (April 1, 2015) started to include the European Space Agency and other foreign news on discoveries that advances our knowledge of the cosmos and physics. We are not reporting on rocket launches and trips to the international space station unless that  if it involves something spectacular.

We try to keep towards the science and math of space exploration, but when the first man goes to the ISS and lands back on Earth in the reusable capsule, that is something we would consider  spectacular and will report on the science of how that is possible.

In the future I plan to include space exploration news from Russian, Japan, India and Chinese space agencies,  to the extent that information is made available to us.

I also plan to create what I call resource pages that will contain links to news and information that does not make it on my blog (As part of the media, NASA sometimes sends me 20 emails a day, most are notices for conferences and other items that do not meet my criteria) so you can read them if you like.

This is a just the start, and an extention of the work I do as an amateur astronomer and cosmologist, and eventually will also enter the theoretical physics field. (Due to the rapid advancement in technology, cosmology is slowly dying as we can now perform more experiments and less theoretical or thought experiments).

I hope you enjoy the site, and if you feel that something is important that I have missed (I am only one person after all) please let me know. Send it using my contact form or even in a comment in one of the articles (I read all comments before approving them to weed out spammers).


Last Updated: April 28, 2019 at 9:25pm EDT

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