NASA  Fact Sheets – NASA Centers


 Each NASA center creates and updates Fact Sheets covering its mission, facilities and projects. Click on a center’s name to go its Fact Sheet index.

Aeronautics Fact Sheets: Aeronautics Fact Sheets: Green Aviation, the Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate, the Fundamental Aeronautics Program, the Airspace Systems Program, the Aviation Safety Program, the Aeronautics Test Program, and the Integrated Systems Research Program.

Ames Research Center: Information technology, astrobiology (the study of the origin, evolution and distribution of life in the universe) and aviation operations, capacity and safety issues.

Armstrong Flight Research Center: Aircraft, the Space Shuttle, biographies of test pilots.

Glenn Research Center: Overviews of the center and several of its aeronautics and space projects and programs.

Goddard Space Flight Center: Environmental science (including climate change and ozone research), astronomy (including the Hubble Space Telescope and Compton Gamma Ray Observatory), solar physics.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory: Planetary exploration (including Galileo, Voyager, Magellan and upcoming missions to Mars), environmental research (including the Shuttle Imaging Radar and TOPEX/POSEIDON).

Johnson Space Center: Human space flight, Space Shuttle missions, Space Station, Mission Control, Astronaut Fact Book, Lunar Samples.

Kennedy Space Center: Space Shuttle components and launch procedures Space Shuttle missions.

Langley Research Center: Aeronautics, atmospheric science, Shuttle experiments, technology spinoffs.

Marshall Space Flight Center: Advanced X-Ray Astronomy Facility, Space Shuttle Main Engines, the Spacelab Program and microgravity research.

Stennis Space Center: Space Shuttle Main Engine testing, geographic information systems, small spacecraft technology, commercial remote sensing.

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